Our Staff

Ann Margaret McKillop

Years Experience- 2

Ann Margaret McKillop brings a wealth of training in cutting-edge movement restoration services. If you've got pain, she can help!

Besides schooling in traditional massage, Ann Margaret is certified and/or trained in Functional Movement SystemsTM, Neurokinetic TherapyTM, Restorative BreathingTM, Craniosacral Therapy, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, BiosyncTM, Fascial Release, STRAIT Method Scar ReleaseTM, Original StrengthTM, EgoscueTM, and Chi Walking/Chi RunningTM.

When a series of debilitating injuries threatened to end 35 years of running enjoyment, she was thrilled to discover ChiWalking® and ChiRunning®. Realizing its benefits and being able to run pain-free, she immediately became a certified instructor. Years later, after a life-altering accident, Ann Margaret realized her passion for helping others become pain free. She enrolled in massage school and took many workshops aimed at bringing people from dysfunction to performance.
Now Ann Margaret spends her time concentrating on listening to her body and pursuing those activities that bring her joy and ease of movement. She is, in short, Reclaiming her Joy.



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