Life Coaching

Deanna McGinness and Brad Young

Brad Young

Find your Freedom! Finding freedom is about recognizing your power. Brad helps you understand past influences, recognize strengths, and develop goals. He uses a variety of tools including Hypnosis, Bilateral Stimulation, and Body Awareness to guide you through the process.


Old hurts don't have to hold you back. Although we are always learning and facing new challenges in life, freedom doesn't have to take a lifetime! Brad has helped people resolve traumatic memories, overcome bad habits, and put phobias to rest in as little as 6 sessions. Meet once a week for 60 minutes and see how quickly your life can improve. One hour sessions are $90 each, with free phone calls as needed.


  • Discover the key. Accept the healing. Recognize your power!
Offerings by Brad Young

Life Coaching- It is nice to have a confidential supporter on your side. Life Coaches listen closely to your desires and help you define goals. They notice your natural strengths and encourage you to reach for success. There are many tools and techniques that can be incorporated into coaching, but the most important ingredient is trust. Let Brad walk beside you on your path to self acceptance, hope, and alignment with your true self. 
Bilateral Stimulation- A process used to treat emotional trauma, panic, phobias, and anxiety. Brad has used this process to help people recover very quickly from emotional distress. He has used this method with Combat Veterans dealing with wartime trauma, people who have been mentally and physically abused, those with panic or phobias, and a variety of other issues. It is an excellent method to quickly resolve old hurts.What often takes years to resolve in typical counseling can be resolved in as little as six sessions. Brad can help you with both big, heavy traumas, and little ones that are just annoying but color your interactions with others. 

Hypnosis- Unlike what you see on TV, hypnosis is a very relaxing way to help yourself break old habits and reduce anxiety. Brad offers hypnosis sessions for weight loss, smoking cessation, self encouragement, sports enhancement, and a variety of other topics. Hypnosis is very versatile, and Brad can tailor sessions to meet your needs. 

Energy Psychology- methods that tap into the natural energies of the body to enhance psychological changes. Brad also uses variations of traditional healing techniques used in ancient times to aid in release and recovery. 
Hawaiian Energetics- Hands on technique that employes earth energies to increase immunity and overall feelings of wellness. This is a fully clothed treatment option that takes place on the massage table and typically is completed within 30 minutes, but can be extended to 50 minutes upon request. 

Reiki- Hands on Japanese energy technique. Very gentle relaxing energy work that reduces stress and moves gently to resolve stress related issues. Fully clothed treatment option that takes place on a massage table. Reiki and Hawaiian energetics can be incorporated into massage. 

Intuitive Massage- This is a massage that moves in accordance with the needs of your body. Brad allows your body to direct the motions, depth, insight, and energy of this massage. Intuitive massage flows according to the unspoken needs of the individual client, and may include direct or metaphorical insights when necessary.  

Classes- Brad offers a variety of self-help classes. See the schedule for more information.    

Deanna's Program

This is a individualized program designed by Deanna McGinness to help you on a path to lifestyle changes. She believes there are a variety of variable that make up a healthy life style. They include: releasing the junk in your trunk, eating for your blood type, consuming a 60-40 ratio of alkaline and acid foods, the importance of water, the need to cleanse the body of toxins, how eating actually makes you release weight and the role exercise plays in our bodies. Deanna has released and maintained 30 pounds in the last three years. Her passion is to make a difference in the lives she touches. Why not let her guide you to a healthier, happier new you, through lifestyle changes not quick fix diets or fads.

If coaching is about answering the human need for permission to change, I accept your request. Whether you are looking for a coach for the health and wellness of your body or strengthening the mind to allow validation, positive affirmation, manifestation or the ability to love yourself. I promise to guide and support you to becoming a better you. Inside and out. Health and Wellness coaching available for $250 includes:

• An evaluation on your current health and wellness lifestyle. 
• 4 weeks of 15 minute of life coaching 3 times a week at A signature Day Spa or by phone consultation.
• Before and after photos.
• A 30 day cleanse program is available and recommended during this lifestyle change at an additional charge. 


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