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Brad Young

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Brad Young does not treat patients, he helps people. He believes in guiding you, using your own strengths, to become your whole, authentic self. Using a combination of therapeutic tools he customizes care in support of your wellness goals.

You are a Mind-Body, not a mind with a body.

Physical distress can both cause and be caused by emotional distress. Your psychology and your body are one in the same. Brad looks at the Whole person including their history, experience, self-beliefs, and cultural pressures to guide the journey to wellness and well-being.

With a background in both Biomedical Technology and in Psychology, he understands the mind-body connection and offers a variety of options to meet your needs. He offers Bilateral Stimulation for trauma recovery, Hypnosis, Massage, Reiki, and Energy Psychology Methods. Brad has every intention of bringing friendship, encouragement, and freedom to those with whom he works.

Offerings by Brad Young

Life Coaching- It is nice to have a confidential supporter on your side. Life Coaches listen closely to your desires and help you define goals. They notice your natural strengths and encourage you to reach for success. There are many tools and techniques that can be incorporated into coaching, but the most important ingredient is trust. Let Brad walk beside you on your path to self acceptance, hope, and alignment with your true self.

Bilateral Stimulation- A process used to treat emotional trauma, panic, phobias, and anxiety. Brad has used this process to help people recover very quickly from emotional distress. He has used this method with Combat Veterans dealing with wartime trauma, people who have been mentally and physically abused, those with panic or phobias, and a variety of other issues. It is an excellent method to quickly resolve old hurts.What often takes years to resolve in typical counseling can be resolved in as little as six sessions. Brad can help you with both big, heavy traumas, and little ones that are just annoying but color your interactions with others.

Hypnosis- Unlike what you see on TV, hypnosis is a very relaxing way to help yourself break old habits and reduce anxiety. Brad offers hypnosis sessions for weight loss, smoking cessation, self encouragement, sports enhancement, and a variety of other topics. Hypnosis is very versatile, and Brad can tailor sessions to meet your needs.

Energy Psychology- Methods that tap into the natural energies of the body to enhance psychological changes. Brad also uses variations of traditional healing techniques used in ancient times to aid in release and recovery.

Hawaiian Energetics- Hands on treatment that employes earth energies to increase immunity and overall feelings of wellness. This is a fully clothed treatment option that takes place on the massage table and typically is completed within 30 minutes, but can be extended to 50 minutes upon request.

Reiki- Japanese hands on energy treatment system. Very gentle relaxing energy work that reduces stress and moves gently to resolve stress related issues. Fully clothed treatment option that takes place on a massage table. Reiki and Hawaiian energetics can be incorporated into massage.

Intuitive Massage- This is a massage that moves in accordance with the needs of your body. Brad allows your body to direct the motions, depth, insight, and energy of this massage. Intuitive massage flows according to the unspoken needs of the individual client, and may include direct or metaphorical insights when necessary.

Classes- Brad offers a variety of self-help classes. See the schedule for more information.

Counseling vs. Coaching
Counselors work with mentally ill patients.
Coaches can work with regular people and everyday issues.

Counselors diagnose patients and offer treatments for the diagnosis.
Coaches offer help and support without labels.

Counselors have strict rules about how and what they offer.
Coaches can offer non-traditional personalized guidance.

Counselors focus on dis-ease, fighting illness.
Coaches focus on health, encouraging strengths and wellness.

Bring Joy back into your life, call Brad!



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