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Deanna McGinness

Years Experience: 15

Deanna trained for facials under an apprenticeship program at the Green Door Day Spa in Manchester. The experience changed her life, expanded her potential to be all that she is and can offer today. Facials really are the mirror to our soul, our faces reflect so much. We all have learned that aging is a process, it is going to happen. Some people will age gracefully, while others will chose facials and even more aggressive measures to reverse the signs of aging.
Deanna recently came across a LED Light email regarding LED Lights. As she learned more about this email she became excited and ordered the spa??�s first LED lights and MicroCurrent. Since that day we have ordered 3 additional facial machines.

The concept Dermacyling Non Surgical Facelift Facial is revolutionary. While recently attended the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference in NYC. Deanna and Paige met up to share what they had learned. They were both excited that the equipment we have so far advanced to the equipment at the show!!

DermaCycling Non Surgical Facelift Facial includes: Microdermabrasion, a way to resurface and remove dry dead skin cells. MicroCurrent, exercises for the muscles to lift, firm and tighten. LED lights, correct surface skin issues, acne, rosacea , scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. Finally, Lymphatic Drainage, to remove toxins, viruses and bacteria from your tissues. The facial is supported by a medically advanced skincare line that rotates every four weeks between ???Trauma/Resurfacing??? and ???Healing.???

Deanna has been doing facials for 15 years and is so excited about the result the spa is having with the 8 week DermaCycling Facial series. One client, in her 60??�s, had no forehead wrinkles for 3 days!!! Deanna says, ??? I love this revolutionary Non Surgical Facelift Facial.???



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